What Things Weigh

beautiful carpet rug

Weight Of Carpet

Carpets have been used for many years to cover floors all over the world and have also been used to celebrate all types of special occasions.

alligator in the dirt

Weight Of Alligator

Alligators are members of the crocodilian group of reptiles, and they live in the United States and Eastern China.

wild yak carrying items

Weight Of Wild Yak

With a long, shaggy coat and having the ability to withstand extremely cold weather conditions, the wild Yak, also known as Bos mutus, is one of the toughest and strongest members of the bovine family.

yellow snowmobile

Weight Of Snowmobiles

Designed to effortlessly travel through snow, the snowmobile is used for transport, for work, for leisure, and to save people’s lives in areas that experience extremely cold weather conditions.


Weight Of Textbook

Textbooks today are becoming larger than they use to be. This is because they are containing a lot more diagrams, charts, and illustrations.


Weight Of Dachshund

You may have seen them at your local dog park or even on TV participating in a dog show. The Dachshund, whether it be standard or miniature, are typically small active dogs that are full of energy!

Uhaul Trailer

Weight Of Uhaul Trailer

Uhaul is one of the most widely recognized moving and storage companies in the United States. Some of what you can rent from Uhaul includes moving accessories, storage, trucks, and trailers.

Saturn on a nighttime background

Weight Of Saturn

Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system, and it is the sixth planet from the sun. Its instantly recognizable rings set it apart from all other neighboring planets.


Weight Of DVD

A DVD, or digital video disc, is an optical disc that is typically used to store movies. DVD’s were first invented in 1995 and are not just used to store movies. They can also store software and just about any type of digital media.

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