How Much Does A Helicopter Weigh?

Helicopters are amazing machines capable of taking off and landing vertically. Used for a wide variety of military and civilian purposes, helicopters range from the tiny GEN H-4 to the mighty Apache.

Gold Brick

How Much Does A Gold Brick Weigh?

Gold is one of the most precious materials on earth. A “gold brick” or bar usually refers to gold used for investment and held in reserve at places like Fort Knox.


How Much Does A Hyena Weigh?

Hyenas are large feliform mammals found in Africa and Asia. Although they look a little like dogs, hyenas are members of the Hyaenidae family and are more closely related to cats than dogs!

Cherry Tomatos

How Much Does A Tomato Weigh?

The colorful tomato is far and away the number one homegrown crop in the world. Not only are tomatoes plentiful, they are also quite tasty in salads, as soups, snacks or on a variety of foods.


Weight Of Boxer

The boxer is a German dog originally bred from the British Bulldog for the main purpose of security.


Weight Of Camel

With their distinctive hump, or humps, the camel is easily one of the most recognizable animals on the planet.

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