Weights Of Animals


How Much Do Labs Weigh?

With their friendly, affectionate personality along with lovable good looks, it’s no wonder why the Labrador Retriever is the AKC’s most popular dog breed.


How Much Does A Fox Weigh?

Foxes are fascinating animals that can be found everywhere from forests and mountains to rivers and wetlands, and sometimes even in backyards of our homes!


How Much Does A Cat Weigh?

With their cute appearance and cheeky personalities, cats are incredibly popular pets that have been adored by humans for almost ten thousand years.


How Much Does A Cougar Weigh?

Whether you know it as a cougar, puma, panther or mountain lion, this wild terrestrial mammal is the second largest cat in North America, and the fourth largest worldwide.


How Much Does A Hyena Weigh?

Hyenas are large feliform mammals found in Africa and Asia. Although they look a little like dogs, hyenas are members of the Hyaenidae family and are more closely related to cats than dogs!


Weight Of Boxer

The boxer is a German dog originally bred from the British Bulldog for the main purpose of security.


Weight Of Camel

With their distinctive hump, or humps, the camel is easily one of the most recognizable animals on the planet.


Weight Of Rottweilers

The Rottweiler originated in Germany and was used primarily as working dogs in herding sheep and pulling carts of various supplies and goods to local markets.


Weight Of Ostriches

Ostriches are the largest, tallest and heaviest birds in the world. Although an ostrich is a bird they are completely flightless.

Grizzly Bear

Weight Of Grizzly Bear

Although they are officially called the North American Brown Bear, most of us know them as Grizzly Bears here in North America. Grizzly bears are big powerful animals and can easily overpower any other animal or human inside their habitat. How much does a Grizzly bear weigh? Male grizzly’s weigh around 395 to 790 pounds …

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Great White Sharkl

Weight Of Great White Shark

Did you see any of the Jaws movies? Those great white sharks are pretty scary eh? Most people don’t know that female great whites are usually bigger than male great whites.

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