Weights Of Marine Animals

Great White Sharkl

Weight Of Great White Shark

Did you see any of the Jaws movies? Those great white sharks are pretty scary eh? Most people don’t know that female great whites are usually bigger than male great whites.


Weight Of Dolphins

There’s nothing like the sight of dolphins jumping up out of the water. Whether it’s in the ocean or at a place like Sea World, dolphins are extremely beautiful and entertaining to watch.

walrus on the beach

Weight Of Walrus

Walruses are huge marine mammals that are instantly recognizable due to their unique elongated tusks.

crocodile resting in the water

Weight Of Crocodile

Crocodiles are large, powerful, aggressive, semi-aquatic, cold-blooded reptiles that are members of the crocodilian family.

Elephant Seal

Weight Of Elephant Seals

As the name suggests, elephant seals are huge members of the seal family that have a large trunk-like nose that somewhat resembles an elephant’s.

Sea Turtle On White Sand

Weight Of Sea Turtle

Sea turtles are one of the more fascinating creatures in the animal kingdom. They are also one of the heaviest.

Blue Whales

Weight Of Blue Whale

Known as the largest animal to have ever lived on the face of the earth, the blue whale is amazing sight to behold.

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