Weights Of Animals

Corgi running on the beach

Weight Of Corgi

The Corgi, which is Welch for ‘Dwarf Dog’ is a small, long, barrel-shaped canine that is known for their playfulness, loyalty, and intelligence.

Black and White Great Dane

Weight Of Great Dane

Great Danes, previously known as Boar Hounds, were initially used to hunt boars because of their strength, huge size, and their aggressive nature.

Mouse sitting on a wedge of cheese

Weight Of Mouse

Instantly recognizable because of their small size, long tails, round ears, and small pointed snouts, mice are one of the most common rodents on the planet.

Pair of French Bulldogs

Weight Of French Bulldog

Despite its fierce, Gallic name, the French Bulldog or ‘Frenchie’ is a small companion dog that was first bred in England.

Eagle in flight with sun shining

Weight Of Eagle

Eagles are one of the largest birds of prey on the planet, as well as being one of the most beautiful to watch.

Elephant on a dirt road

Weight Of Elephant

As the largest of all living land animals in the world today, elephants are one heavy – and hungry – land animal.

Closeup of an ant on a limb

Weight Of Ant

With more than 10,000 different species in the world today, ants are everywhere you look.

wasp on a table

Weight Of Wasp

Every summer you find wasps making their nests throughout America, and the world as well.

Shih Tzu puppy

Weight Of Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu, which means ‘Little Lion’, is a toy dog breed that originated in Tibet, as far back as 1,000-plus years ago.

Sheep grazing in grass

Weight Of Sheep

A sheep’s wool never quits growing and is oftentimes used to make yarn. In fact, one pound of yarn can run 10 miles in length.

Rhino mom and baby

Weight Of Rhino

The first rhinos roamed the earth 50 million years ago, and these huge herbivores still have a prehistoric appearance.

Mom and cub polar bears

Weight Of Polar Bear

Polar bears are among the most fascinating, lovable, and recognizable animals on the planet.

Panther laying in the grass

Weight Of Panther

Panther is the word often used to describe jaguars, leopards, and a specific member of the cougar family.

Pig on a farm

Weight Of Pig

One of the favorite farm animals everyone knows quite well is the pig.

Lion on a rock

Weight Of Lion

“The King of Beasts”, also known as the lion, is easily recognizable due in part to its unique mane and loud roar.

Male and Female Moose

Weight Of Moose

As the largest member of the deer family, the moose is a huge herbivore that’s best known for its enormous antlers.

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