Weights Of Different Money

Gold Brick

How Much Does A Gold Brick Weigh?

Gold is one of the most precious materials on earth. A “gold brick” or bar usually refers to gold used for investment and held in reserve at places like Fort Knox.


Weight Of Nickel

Since 1866, the nickel has been an ever-popular coin used daily by almost everyone in America. Over 1.5 billion nickels were minted in 2015 alone.


Weight Of Penny

Although millions of people wonder why U.S. pennies are still being minted and used today, the penny has been around since 1793 and not going anywhere soon.


Weight Of Dime

The United States began minting dimes all the way back in 1796. These 10-cent pieces have featured a number of changes since then but continue to be minted to this day.


Weight Of Quarter

Produced since 1796, the quarter has been one of the most popular minted coins in U.S. history.

Stacked $100 Bills

Weight Of Million Dollars

Having a million dollars is everyone’s dream isn’t it? But have you ever given thought to how much that million dollars weighs?

Gold Bars Stacked

Weight Of Gold Bar

Have you ever seen one of those big gold bars and wondered how much it weighs… and what it’s worth?

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