Weights Of Different Objects


How Much Does A Letter Weigh?

Did you know the U.S. Postal Service handles more than 484 million items of mail every single day? That equates to a whopping 20.2 million pieces each hour, and over 5,000 each second!

Bic Lighter

Weight Of BIC Lighter

BIC lighters have been amazingly popular over the years. To date, BIC has sold more than 30 billion lighters and produces around 6 million lighters globally every single day!

Fish Tank 10 Gallon

Weight Of 10 Gallon Fish Tank

A 10-gallon fish tank works well with many people who live in tight spaces without a lot of extra room. An aquarium can become very heavy when full, therefore it is recommended to know the weight before filling it with water.


Weight Of Piano

The piano, often called the king of instruments, is one of the heaviest of all musical instruments. This is due to huge pieces of pieces of timber and a large metal plate, known as the harp, which make up the piano.

Gallon Of Gas

Weight Of Gallon Of Gasoline

In the United States, it is known as gasoline while in Europe it is called petrol. Gasoline is a petroleum based liquid that helps power aircraft, trains, boats, cars, trucks and various types of machinery.


Weight Of Barbell

If you have not been to the gym recently, a barbell is a piece of equipment used mostly for bodybuilding and powerlifting. But how much does a barbell weigh? There are two types of bar, an Olympic bar which is used mainly for competition which can hold more weight. The average weight will be around …

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Concrete Block

Weight Of Concrete Block

Concrete is everywhere, and we tend to take it for granted don’t we? It is a very durable material that has many different applications. How much concrete do you think was used to build your home?

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