Small Objects

Weights Of Small Objects

Bale Of Cotton

Weight Of Bale Of Cotton

Although you may not notice it, cotton is all around us and part of our everyday lives. Most things we interact with contain cotton including our clothes, money, and even our cars.

2 x 4 Board

Weight Of 2×4

In North America, it is referred to as lumber, while in other countries it is usually called timber. 2 x 4’s are a popular cut of wood which is normally used for home and business construction.


Weight Of Shoes

Shoes are a surprisingly more recent invention than you might think. While sandals were worn during bible times, the shoe as we know it today wasn’t around until the 1800’s.


Weight Of PS4

The widely popular Sony PlayStation 4 is an eighth-generation console released in 2013 at a cost of $399. It is a graphically superior model following on from the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3.


Weight Of Textbook

Textbooks today are becoming larger than they use to be. This is because they are containing a lot more diagrams, charts, and illustrations.


Weight Of DVD

A DVD, or digital video disc, is an optical disc that is typically used to store movies. DVD’s were first invented in 1995 and are not just used to store movies. They can also store software and just about any type of digital media.

Jet Fuel

Weight Of Jet Fuel

Most modern commercial and private aircraAll Postsft which you see in the skies today are powered by jet engines. These unique engines require special jet fuel.


Weight Of Couch

Sitting around and relaxing on the couch is enjoyable for most anyone. However, when it comes time to move that same couch, it can be a different story.


Weight Of Xbox One

The Microsoft Xbox One is a hugely popular game console released in 2013. Upon its global release, it was the first time an Xbox was released in China.

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