Weight Of Ballerinas

Female Ballerina

Ballet first came to prominence in the 15th and 16th centuries in Italy during the Renaissance period.

So how much do ballerinas weigh?

Most ballerinas weigh between 85 to 110 pounds (38.5 to 49.8 kg).

The weight of a ballerina is important because they have to be nimble on their feet.

They have to also complete complex dancing routines. In many performances a ballerina has to be lifted by another performer.

Their height is also important.

The ideal height ranging from 5 feet 3 inches to 5 feet 8 inches.

Male performers are naturally taller, stronger, and heavier.

Male Ballerina

Today, the leading ballet companies include:

  • The Bolshoi Ballet
  • The National Ballet of Canada
  • Kirov and Mariinsky Ballet
  • New York City Ballet
  • Paris Opera Ballet
  • The Royal Ballet
  • The Royal Danish Ballet
  • La Scala Ballet in Milan

How to become a successful ballerina?

Succeeding as a ballerina requires years of dedication and practice. Only a small fraction of ballet hopefuls make it to the top in this tough, competitive profession.

Even when a ballerina does make it to the top, the physical nature of this activity means these performers suffer from a wide range of injuries. They can range from sprains, broken bones, tendonitis and more.

How are ballerinas Ranked?

Ballerina’s are ranked according to their skill level, experience and the type of performances they are able to accomplish.

The main ranking for today’s ballerinas include principal dancers, soloists, demi-soloists, corps de ballets and apprentices.

Ballerina Shoes

~ Fun Fact  ~
A ballet dance performance can last for as long as four hours. This means the performers and the accessories they wear have to put up with a lot of punishment. Ballerinas wear out 2 to 3 ballet shoes every week!


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