How Much Do Boxers Weigh?

Known for their high intelligence and affectionate nature, Boxers are active and energetic dogs that make ideal family pets.


What is the weight of a Boxer?

On average, a male Boxer will weigh around 65 to 70 pounds (30 to 32 kg).

Females usually weigh less, coming in at between 55 to 60 pounds (25 and 27 kg).

Boxers originated in Germany in the 1890s, where they were bred as working dogs.

Although boxers haven’t been around for too long, they are now one of the world’s most popular breeds.

The name “Boxer” comes from the German word “Beisser.” They are descendants of the Bullenbeisser, which translates as “bull biter.”

Boxers are highly social dogs and make great family pets. They love nothing more than spending time with their owners and are sure to keep you entertained with their outgoing and comical nature. Just remember they also require lots of exercise!

The Boxer’s most prominent physical feature is perhaps their undershot jaw. This means they have a very strong grip and is also one of the main reasons why the breed is so widely admired.

Despite their relatively small size, Boxers are strong and sturdy dogs. They require a lot of exercise and also love to let off steam by running around the yard.

~ Fun Fact ~
Some say Boxers get their name because of the breed’s tendency to stand on their hind legs and “box” with their front paws. It’s a nice theory, but it is probably a myth!


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