Weight Of Fibroids

Fibroids Illustration

Fibroids are large and small growths that occur on the muscles of a woman’s uterus.

70% to 80% of women have them during their lifetime.

So how much do fibroids weigh?

Fibroids can weigh anywhere from a few ounces up to 50 pounds.

Health professionals are still uncertain about what causes fibroids, but it’s believed that female hormones, such as progesterone and estrogen, could play a role in their development.

The main types of fibroids a woman may suffer from include:

  • Intramural fibroids
  • Subserosal fibroids
  • Submucosal fibroids
  • Pedunculated fibroids
Illustration of Uterine Fibroids

Women can also develop more than one of these types of fibroids.

Symptoms vary from one person to another, depending on the type, size, and number of fibroids a person has.

Symptoms of fibroids may include:

  • Lower back pain
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Bloating
  • Pressure on the bladder and other areas of the abdomen

Prevention is always better than cure. There are certain foods and drinks you should avoid to aide in preventing this health issue.

This includes food that is high in sugar, fat, processed meat, and refined carbohydrates. Alcohol, coffee, and dairy products are drinks that can cause issues as well. Reduced consumption is the key here.

Living an active lifestyle also reduces the likelihood of getting fibroids.

Medication, ultrasound, and hormone therapy are a few of the treatments available today. Myomectomy surgery is also another option in some cases.

Fibroids Treatment Illustration

~ Fun Fact ~

Fibroids can grow to huge sizes and take up a lot of space in the abdominal area of a woman. These large fibroids can cause a lot of pain and need to be removed as soon as possible. One of the heaviest fibroids on record weighed a massive 70 pounds!


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