How Much Do Rottweilers Weigh?

Often referred to as Rotties, Rottweilers are highly intelligent and confident dogs that are known for their protective nature.


Rotties are strong and powerful, but also loving and affectionate, making them a popular pet across the world.

How Much Does A Rottweiler Weigh?

On average, a male Rottweiler will weigh approximately 110 to 132 pounds (50 to 60 kg).

Females usually weigh slightly less, tipping the scales at around 77 to 105 pounds (35 to 48 kg).

Rottweilers are one of the oldest breeds in existence and are thought to have been around since Roman times, although their actual origin remains somewhat uncertain.

Rottweilers get their name from the German town Rottweil, where they were bred to herd and guard livestock.

Rotties are powerful dogs that are known for their loyal and protective nature. This means they are often used as guard dogs, although it is true to say that their reputation for being “aggressive” is very much undeserved. Rottweilers will stand their ground, but they are also extremely loving and affectionate.

Although Rotties are relatively easy to train, their size and strength means they are better suited to experienced owners who know how to handle them. A properly trained Rottweiler makes for a loyal and faithful companion who will always stand by your side.

~ Fun Fact ~
Rottweilers are owned by many famous faces, including Will Smith, Bruno Mars and Leonardo DiCaprio.


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