Weight Of 50 Inch TV

50" TV

TV’s have come a long way from 1940’s when they first became very popular.

By 1948 just after the second world war ended more than 1 million American homes had a TV set.

How much does a 50 inch TV weigh?

The average weight will vary widely depending on the make, model, manufacturer. However, the average is approximately 28 to 55 pounds (13 to 25 kg).

An LG 50LA6900 with a 50-inch screen weighs in at will weigh in at 38 pounds (17.28 kg).

In 1996 High Definition or HD became the official standard as manufactures fought to produce TVs with the highest resolution.

As each year passes TV manufacturers will attempt to produce the lightest and thinnest TV’s possible with some that you can roll out like paper and hang on your wall.

The average US family will watch TV for around 8 hours every day.

TV commercials were not always as expensive as they were today mainly due to huge view figures.

30 seconds in the 1940s would cost around $9 while today, a prime time 30-second slot costs around $3 million dollars.

~ Fun Fact ~
Did you know that The Simpsons is the longest running TV show in history? It surpassed Gunsmoke, which ran for 20 years.


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