How Much Does A Backhoe Weigh?

Sometimes referred to as a JCB, a backhoe is a popular piece of excavating equipment consisting of a large bucket on the end of an articulated arm.

How Much Does A Backhoe Weigh?

As you might expect, the weight of a backhoe varies depending on its size and capability.

A small JCB 1CX backhoe loader weighs 3,373 pounds (1,530 kg), while a large JCB 3CX tips the scales at more than 17,637 pounds (8,000 kg).

The history of the backhoe can be traced back to 1835 and the development of steam-powered dipper shovels, although you have to go to the 1930s to see the first backhoe as we recognise them today.

Backhoes are one of the most versatile pieces of construction equipment. You’ll find them doing everything from clearing out trenches to lifting heavy loads.

The backhoe gets its name from the fact it moves dirt backwards and shifts it towards the back of the machine.

By contrast, a bulldozer or front loader moves earth by scooping it forwards.

Although JCB is assumed to be the creator of the backhoe, the first machine manufactured in the USA was actually made by Case.

~ Fun Fact ~
The fastest backhoe loader in the world is the JCB GT, which has a 7.4 litre engine and is capable of reaching a top speed of 120mph!


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