Weight Of Bale Of Hay

Field full of round hay bales

Hay bales are available in a range of different sizes, as well as different types of grass.

From small squares all the way up to huge round bales weighing over a thousand pounds!

So how much does a bale of hay weigh?

Square Bale Weights

square hay bale

A common two-string bale of hay measuring 16 in x 19 in x 36 in will weigh between 40 to75 pounds (18 to 34 kg) on average.

A less common three-string bale of hay measuring 15 in x 22 in x 44 in will weigh anywhere from 100-140 pounds (45 to 63 kg).

Round Bale Weights

Round Hay Bale

Smaller round bales of hay that measure 4 ft x 4 ft can weigh 350 to 600 pounds (159 to 272 kg) each.

Large round bales measuring 5 ft x 6 ft can weigh around 1,200 to 1,800 pounds (544 to 816 kg) or more.

One of the major challenges of large round bales is in trying to transport them home, as they will not fit in the back of a pickup or small trailer.

Often, these huge bales are driven on flat-bed trucks to their destination.

How Much Does A Bale Of Hay Cost?

Prices for a bale of hay will vary due to many different factors such as availability, demand, hay quality and many others.

Naturally, prices will also be greatly affected by state across the country.

On average, a good quality small square bale will cost around $120-$160 per ton.

Large square bales are $130-$170 per ton.

Prices on good quality large round bales are around $145-$175 per ton.

~ Fun Fact ~
A bale of hay can suddenly catch fire due to its temperature. When the moisture content of the hay bale is too high when baled, the growth of microorganisms inside the bale create added heat. When temperatures inside the bale rise above 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re at risk of spontaneous combustion happening.


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