Weight Of Basketball


In 2017, the NBA finals attracted more than 20 million viewers. That it is the highest number of viewers in 20 years. It’s one of Americas most popular sports.

The actual size and weight of a basketball will vary based on a number of factors. It depends on things like which country you’re playing in, the specific league and more.

A basketball used in the NBA will weigh approximately 22-ounces. This type of basketball is also referred to as a size 7.

The women’s equivalent (WNBA) will have a weight of 18-ounces. This type of basketball is a size 6.

Other basketball weights can be as low as 10 ounces for a mini-basketball.

The air inside a fully inflated NBA basketball will weigh around 13 grams.

The surface of a traditional basketball will be made of leather, while on the inside it will contain a bladder made of rubber.

An outdoor basketball will normally be made of rubber as it will needs to be more durable to withstand tougher conditions.

~ Fun Fact ~
A basketball which is warm will be bouncier than one which is cold as the warm molecules inside the ball will move a lot faster.


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