Weight Of Bench Press Bar

Bench press bar with weights

Bench press bars are designed not to bend under heavy weights.

They are also more stable than other types of weight lifting bars.

How heavy are bench press bars?

Man using bench press bar

With their thicker diameter, these bars weigh around 45 to 55 pounds (20 to 24 kg).

How Much Does A Hex Bar Weigh?

Hex bars, also known as ‘trap bars’ are hexagonal-shaped weightlifting bars. They allow a person to stand in the middle of the bar when they are doing deadlifts.

Different weights are available, with the most common hex bars weighing between 25 and 45 pounds (11 to 20 kg).

How Much Does An Olympic Bar Weigh?

Made specifically for Olympic weightlifting competitions, the Olympic bar is designed to spin and whip easily.

They all weigh approximately 45 pounds (20 kg).

How Much Does A Curl Bar Weigh?

Curl bar without weights

As the name suggests, the curl bar, also known as the EZ-Bar, has a unique curled design.

As shorter and lighter bars, curl bars are used for bicep curls and triceps exercises. They weigh in at around 15 to 25 pounds (6 to 11 kg).

How Much Does A Squat Bar Weigh?

Squat or Yoke bars have many features, including a padded yoke that fits around your neck. This yoke makes life easier and safer for weight lifters who struggle to lift other bars.

Squat bars will weigh approximately 60 to 70 pounds (27 to 31 kg).

~ Fun Fact ~
The American Olympic weightlifter Paul Anderson is believed to hold the record for lifting the heaviest amount of weight in history.

Although there were no official witnesses present, the Guinness Book of Records has a record of the man back lifting 6,270 pounds (2,844 kg) in 1957. That’s more than the weight of a huge SUV!


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