How Much Does A Bengal Tiger Weigh?

Renowned for their phenomenal strength and power, the magnificent Bengal tiger is one of the most impressive mammals in the animal kingdom.

Bengal Tiger

Although they account for around half of all tigers found in the wild, they are considered to be an endangered species, with worldwide populations declining significantly over the last 100 years.

What Is The Weight Of A Bengal Tiger?

An average wild adult male will tip the scales at between 440 to 575 pounds (200 to 260 kg).

Females usually weigh less, coming in at around 255 to 360 pounds (115 to 163 kg).

Tigers are the largest felines in the world and fierce nocturnal hunters, with an imposing whiskered face and distinctive striped coat that they use as camouflage.

Found in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, Bengal tigers are known to travel many miles to hunt for food, which typically includes large prey like buffalo, deer, wild boar and elephant calves.

It is estimated that a tiger consumes between 10 and 25 pounds each day, although it is thought this can be as much as 60 pounds!

Despite their reputation for man-eating, most tigers tend to largely avoid human beings.

Attacks may occur because of an inability to take traditional prey; for example, if the animal is sick or disabled. Humans are less appetizing but much easier to chase!

Over the last century, tiger populations have declined significantly. As of 2019, there are only around 3,900 tigers in the wild.

~ Fun Fact ~
Like human fingerprints, no two tigers have the same stripes. Each coat is completely unique!


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