Weight Of Bicycle

Couple taking a leisurely bicycle ride

Karl von Drais, a German baron was the first person to build what we now know as a bicycle, in 1817.

His invention was called a ‘dandy horse’ or ‘draisine’.

Bikes have come a long way since then, especially when it comes to weights.

How much do bicycles weigh?

Most single seat bicycles weigh between 20 to 40 pounds (9 to 18 kg) on average.

Today, there are many different types of bikes available. The most common include:

  • BMX bikes
  • Racing bikes
  • Endurance bikes
  • Gravel bikes
  • Touring bikes
  • Cyclocross bikes
  • Triathlon bikes
  • Hardtail bikes
  • Cross Country bikes
  • Trail bikes
  • Mountain bikes
  • Downhill bikes
  • Dirt Jump bikes
  • Fat bikes
  • Commuter bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Comfort bikes
  • Cargo bikes
  • Cruiser bikes
  • Fitness bikes
  • Folding bikes
  • Recumbent bikes
  • Tandem bikes
  • Adult Trikes.

Bike owners use this mode of transport in their working lives, sporting lives, and for recreation purposes.

Touring bicycle

As more people become concerned about their health and the environment, bikes have increased in popularity in recent years.

In fact, there are more than a billion bikes in use today. 100 million bikes are produced every year.

How Much Does A BMX Bike Weigh?

On average, a BMX bike weighs around 25 pounds (11.3 kg). Some can be as low as 20 pounds (9 kg), while others can be upwards of 30 pounds (13.6 kg).

How Much Does A Mountain Bike Weigh?

Mountain bikes need to be able to withstand all kinds of punishment, which means they are more durable than many other models.

Mountain bikes weigh around 26 to 32 pounds (11 to 14 kg) on average.

Although that’s the average, you can find some that weigh nearly 40 pounds (18 kg), while others may weigh 20 pounds (9 kg).

The size of the person riding a mountain bike also needs to be taken into account. The model a rider chooses should be able to comfortably hold their weight.

Rigid, hard tail, and dual suspension bikes are the 3 types of mountain bikes available.

Weights Of Various Bicycles:

  • Trek Emonda SLR9 – 13.4 pounds (6.07 kg)
  • B’Twin Sport 4 20.28 pounds (9.2 kg)
  • Mango Bikes Point R 21.71 pounds (9.85 kg)
  • Schwinn Vantage RX1 – 23 pounds (10.43 kg)
  • Kent GZR700 Road Bike – 31.2 pounds (14.15 kg)
  • Tommaso Sterrata Bike – 25.4 pounds (11.52 kg)
  • Schwinn Twinn Tandem 26” Wheel Bicycle – 43 pounds (19.5 kg)
  • Vilano Diverse 1.0 Performance Hybrid Bike – 26.5 pounds (12.02 kg)
  • Raleigh Cadent 1 Urban Fitness Bike – 26.43 pounds (11.98 kg)
  • Diamondback Bicycles Calico Sport – 33 pounds (14.96 kg)
Child riding bicycle

~ Fun Fact ~
Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, but Didi Senft has taken things to a whole new level. He has built one of the largest bikes ever made. His creation measure 8 yards, 1 foot, 7 inches in length and it has a height of 4 yards, 2 inches!


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