How Much Does A Bobcat Weigh?

Roughly twice the size of an average housecat, bobcats get their name because of their distinctive “bobbed” tails.

Although they are the most common wildcat in North America, bobcats are nocturnal and rarely seen by humans.


What Is The Weight Of A Bobcat?

The average adult bobcat weighs around 20 pounds (9 kg).

Males typically weigh more than females, with an average adult male coming in at 20 to 22 pounds (9-10 kg).

A typical female weighs 18 to 19 pounds (8.1-8.6 kg).

The history of bobcats can be traced back to more than 1.8 million years ago.

They are adaptable predators that primarily live in wooded areas, although they can also be found in semi-desert and swampland environments.

There are estimated to be around 725,000 to 1 million bobcats in the wild.

Bobcats have a similar appearance to other members of the Lynx family, with a reddish, brownish or greyish coat, black spots on the front legs and belly, and a “bobbed” black-tipped tail. Their face is whiskered, with slightly tufted ears.

Bobcats have sharp, retractable claws that do not leave any footprints. These are extended for climbing or catching prey.

~ Fun Fact ~
The heaviest bobcat on record tipped the scales at 59.1 pounds (26.8 kg), which is nearly three times the weight of an average male.


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