Weight Of Bobsled


Bobsled racing in the Winter Olympics is not only one of the more popular sports, but the most exciting.

These sleds are made of lightweight materials and built to be fast.

So, how much does a bobsled weigh?

2-man bobsleds weigh 384 pounds (170 kg) when empty

4-man bobsleds weigh 463 pounds (210 kg) when empty

2-woman bobsleds weigh 284 pounds (129 kg) when empty

Maximum weights with crew and equipment for a 2-man bobsled is 860 pounds (390 kg). For a 4-man bobsled, the maximum weight with crew and equipment is 1,389 pounds (630 kg).

For 2-woman bobsled, the maximum weight with crew and equipment is 750 pounds (340 kg).

Bobsledding is originally a Swiss sport that was invented in 1860. It is actually a dangerous sport where teams of 2-4 people run alongside a bobsled as they push it as fast as possible along a track and then jump inside.

Teams will compete for the best runtime down an icy track. Bobsleds were originally made from wood, whereas today they are made out of fiberglass.

In a two-man bobsled team, there will be a driver and a brakeman.

A four-man team consists of a driver, brakeman and 2 athletes that will help push the bobsled to get it off to the fastest possible start.

~ Fun Fact ~
Top speed for bobsleds are around 80 mph. That’s scary fast for a small sled.


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