Weight Of Boeing 747

Boeing 747

The Boeing 747 started life in 1970 by Pan Am and went on to enjoy huge success as the queen of the skies.

Pan Am noticed that congestion was getting too much at airports and increasing the number of planes was not the answer. That is when they asked Boeing to create a supersized plane.

So, how much does a Boeing 747 weigh?

It’s big and it’s heavy. A Boeing 747-400 will weigh 403,500 pounds (183,024 kg) when empty.

Fully loaded, it weighs around 875,000 pounds (396,893 kg).

The Boeing 747 was to be twice the size of its predecessor, the 707, and it was to become the world’s first double-decker plane.

From start to finish, it took 50,000 employees and 29 months to complete the first 747. The very first flight was in 1969.

This airplane is so popular that it has currently flown more than 3.5 billion people to date.

It will have 2 pilots, 20 crew, carry 568 passengers and a range of 8,380 miles with a top speed of 628 mph.

16 million parts make up the Boeing 747-400, and its height is as tall as a six-story building.

~ Fun Fact ~
The wing of the 747-400 is 5,600 square feet. That’s big enough to hold 47 small cars!


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