Weight Of Buffalo

Buffalo at a body of water

Often referred to as Bison, Buffalo are the largest of all cloven-hoofed mammals.

So how much do buffalo weigh?

Buffalo weigh between 800 pounds and 2,000 pounds (362 to 907 kg).

African or Cape buffalo are native to the southern and eastern parts of Africa.

There are several different sub-species, including the Caffer, Forest Buffalo, Sudanese Buffalo, and the Cape Buffalo.

Many of these buffalo are aggressive animals. Their relationship with humans is not always a harmonious one.

Humans hunt African Buffalo and they are one of the ‘big five’ African animals that hunters want to catch.

On the other side of the coin, African Buffalo, or Cape Buffalo as they are also called, have a fearsome reputation. They kill more than 200 people every year.

This is why they are often called ‘the black death’.

These powerful animals weigh between 600 and 2,200 pounds (272 to 997 kg).

How Much Does A Water Buffalo Weigh?

Two main types of Water Buffalo exist, including the domestic Water Buffalo and the endangered Wild Water Buffalo.

Domestic Water Buffalo weigh between 660 and 1200 pounds (299 to 544 kg). Wild Water Buffalo tip the scales at between 1,300 pounds and 2,600 pounds (589 to 1,179 kg).

Buffalo in the water

How Much Does a Buffalo Eat?

All species of Buffalo and Bison are herbivores and have huge appetites.

Grass, aquatic plants, herb, shrubs, or leaves are their foods of choice and they can eat as much as 25 pounds every day.

How Much Does a Baby Buffalo Weigh?

Buffalo calves weigh around 40 to 50 pounds (18 to 22 kg) when they are born.

Buffalo herd

~ Fun Fact ~
Buffalo are definitely not slow-moving animals. An African Buffalo can run at speeds of up to 35 mph (57 km).
That’s as fast as most horses!


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