Weight Of Casket

Wooden Casket

It’s not something most people want to think about, but at some stage we will all die. For many of us, that means being buried in a casket.

How much do caskets weigh?

Modern caskets vary in weight due in part to the materials used.

Weights normally range from a low of around 25 pounds (11 kg), all the way up to 1,200 pounds (544 kg).

Two main types of caskets are available. These include caskets made from wood and caskets made from metals. Cardboard caskets are also available.

Basic Wooden Basket

Most popular wooden caskets are constructed from veneer, walnut, mahogany, cherry, poplar, oak, pine and maple.

Standard steel, copper, stainless steel, and bronze are the main metals used to build metal caskets.

How Much Does A Wood Casket Weigh?

Modern wooden caskets designed for adults usually weigh between 100 and 250 pounds (45 to 113 kg). Basic, old fashioned pine caskets and children’s caskets weigh less than this.

In addition, luxurious wood boxes with inner layers of bronze or copper will weigh much more. Some of these will weigh upwards of 500 pounds (226 kg).

How Much Does A Steel Casket Weigh?

Steel Casket

The weight of a steel casket depends on its dimensions and the thickness of the steel used.

Weights range from 200 to 400 pounds (90 to 181 kg), with even heavier, reinforced models available.

How Much Does A Cardboard Casket Weigh?

A cardboard casket generally weighs around 25 to 30 pounds (11 to 13 kg).

It is used mostly for cremation and green burials.

In most circumstances these caskets can support weights of up to 250 pounds (113 kg).

~ Fun Fact ~

Why is the body buried six feet deep?
This depth was chosen based on trial and error. People wanted to prevent the spread of infectious diseases due to animals. They would come and dig up the corpse. Digging to that depth solved the problem. Today, most graves are 4.5 feet deep since caskets are much stronger now.


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