Weight Of Cello

Cello laying on music

While the cello is found to be an integral part of most all orchestras, it is also used in classical music as well.

The cello is the second largest stringed instrument, but it may not weigh as much as you might think.

How Much Does A Cello Weigh?

Typical cellos weigh between 5 to 7 pounds (2600 to 3500 grams).

This does not include the weight of the case or the bow.

Cello against white wall

How Much Does A Cello Cost?

A beginner’s cello costs around $1000 on average. You can find lower costing models but in most cases you’ll sacrifice quality.

At the higher end, some cellos, like a Stradivarius, will run into the millions of dollars.

Costs Of Various Cellos

• Cecilio costs $200 to $500
• Cremona costs $800 to $900
• D Z Strad costs $1,250 to $2,200
• Merano costs $280 to $450
• Crescent costs $170 to $250
• Yamaha costs $2,000 to $2,485
• D’Luca costs $350 to $450
• Knilling costs$1,600 to $2,200
• Eastman Strings costs $984 to $6,795
• Primavera costs $200 to $700

~ Fun Fact ~
There are many rock bands and musicians that play a cello in their lineup. Groups like Electric Light Orchestra, 2Cellos, Break of Reality and musicians such as Zoe Keating are well-known for playing the cello in their music.


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