Weight Of Clydesdale


As one of the most beautiful horses on earth, the Clydesdale gets its name from a county in Scotland named Clydesdale.

Make no mistake, these horses are big muscular animals.

How much do Clydesdales weigh?

A typical Clydesdale horse will weigh approximately 1,807 to 2,006 pounds (820-910 kg).

There are however some males which can weigh up to 2,204 pounds (1000 kg).

Due to their towering height, they are the largest horse breed in the world.

The most famous examples of Clydesdales horses are the ones used for the Budweiser commercials.

Clydesdale in Scotland is now actually called Lanarkshire.

The Clydesdale used to haul heavy loads of coal.

While the average stall for a horse will be around 12 feet by 12 feet a Clydesdale horse will require double that.

The most amount of Clydesdales are in the United States. Every year around 600 are newly registered.

The average lifespan of a Clydesdale is around 20 years. They usually die of old age or heart failure.

~ Fun Fact ~
A Clydesdale loves to eat. An adult will eat anywhere from 25-50 pounds of hay and another 4-10 pounds of grain every day.


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