Weight Of Couch


Sitting around and relaxing on the couch is enjoyable for most anyone. However, when it comes time to move that same couch, it can be a different story.

Couches can be quite heavy to move around.

How Much Does A Couch Weigh?

The weigh will depend on its size, materials used to make it, and several other factors.

A typical small 2-cushion couch weighs around 100 pounds (45 kg).

A 3-cushion couch generally weighs about 150 pounds (68 kg).

The larger 4-cushion couch weighs approximately 175 pounds (79 kg).

A couch with a hide-a-bed or recliner will be much heavier at around 275 pounds (124 kg).

Is It A Couch Or Sofa?

Well, the two words have totally different origins.

The word couch is derived from the French word “couche” which means a piece of furniture with no arms that you use to lie down on.

A sofa comes from the Arabic word “Suffah” which is basically a bench that is covered with blankets and cushions.

The two words will normally be used interchangeably, and more often than not, it will depend on what part of the world somebody is from in terms of whether they use the word sofa or couch.

Then there is also another term used called a divan. It can get confusing at times.

~ Fun Fact ~
Did you know that the most expensive couch/sofa in the world is the Ron Arad stainless steel sofa? The cost is only $300,000.


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