How Much Does A Cougar Weigh?

Whether you know it as a cougar, puma, panther or mountain lion, this wild terrestrial mammal is the second largest cat in North America, and the fourth largest worldwide.


Unique among big cats, the cougar cannot roar and instead purrs, much like a house cat!

So what is the weight of a cougar?

On average, a male cougar will weigh between 117 to 220 pounds (53 to 100 kg). The average is 150 pounds (68 kg).

Females usually weigh less than males, coming in at around 64 to 141 pounds (29 to 64 kg).

The heaviest cougar ever recorded tipped the scales at 232 pounds (105.2 kg)!

Cougars look somewhat like house cats, with a slender body, round whiskered faces and pointed ears.

They are found everywhere from the United States to Patagonia, living in a wide variety of different habitats including forests, deserts and mountains.

Cougars are part of the Felidae family, which is thought to have originated over 11 million years ago.

As skilled hunters, cougars stay hidden from prey before pouncing at the last moment, using their powerful jaws and large teeth to feast on deer, elk and beavers.

~ Fun Fact ~
The cougar holds the world record for the animal with the most names. There are over 40 different names in English, including puma, panther and mountain lion.


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