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Curise Ship

Well over 20 million people a year take a cruise on one of the many massive cruise ships that travel to far flung places like the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the Mediterranean, Alaska, Australasia, and Europe.

Today’s cruise ships are not only massive in size, but they weigh more than you might imagine.

How much does a cruise ship weigh?

The 50 biggest cruise ships in operation today all weigh over 100,000 tons each.

The 5 largest cruise ships in the world today weigh well over 200,000 tons.

To put that into perspective, the RMS Titanic weighed in at around 58,000 tons.

These include Harmony of the Seas, Allure of the Seas, Oasis of The Seas, MSC Meraviglia and Quantum of the Seas.

Who Owns The Largest Cruise Ships?

Four of the largest ships are owned by Royal Caribbean International.

What Is The Heaviest Cruise Ship?

Harmony Of The Seas Cruise Ship

Harmony of the Seas is currently the heaviest of all, weighing in at 226,963 tons and measuring 1,188 feet, which is about 2 inches longer than the next biggest ship, the Allure of the Seas.

Even larger cruise ships are on the way and will sail the high seas soon.

The Royal Caribbean International Melody of the Seas vessel is set for a 2021 release and will weigh over 230,000 tons!

That’s heavier than the weight of the Willis Tower in downtown Chicago!

Cruise Ship

Weights Of Different Cruise Ships

  • Harmony of the Seas 226,963 gross tons
  • Allure of the Seas 225,282 gross tons
  • Oasis of The Seas 225,282 gross tons
  • MSC Meraviglia 171,598 gross tons
  • Quantum of the Seas 168,666 gross tons
  • Anthem of the Seas 168,666 gross tons
  • Ovation of the Seas 168,666 gross tons

~ Fun Fact ~
Cruise ship owners, crews, staff and passengers are a superstitious lot. Some cruise ships do not have a ‘deck 13’, while on Italian cruise ships there is no deck 17, because of the fear of these numbers. It’s also thought to be unlucky to take flowers onto a cruise ship. However, spilling wine on the deck of these ships is supposed to bring good luck!


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