Weight Of Curling Stone

Curling Stone

When the Winter Olympic games come around, America falls in love with curling.

That said, everyone has one basic question.

How much does a curling stone weigh?

Curling stones used in competitions range from 38 to 44 pounds (17 to 20 kg).

These stones are gray. The ones used for Olympic competitions have red or yellow handles.

Olympic Curling Stones

Players slide these heavy, polished granite stones along the ice towards a circular target called a ‘house’.

Each player aims to place their rock in the center ring of the target. They are helped by teammates who sweep the ice in front of each curling stone that is thrown.

Curling was first played in Scotland in the 1500’s in frozen lakes and ponds.

Since its humble beginnings, curling has become an extremely popular sport. It is now one of the main competitions featured in modern Winter Olympic games.

Before playing a game of curling, curling stones are left on the ice to cool down for up to 72 hours. This is so that they don’t melt the ice.

During a game, sweeping is an important part of the sport.

Curling Sweeping

Sweeping alters the direction of a curling stone after it is thrown by a player. It heats the ice being swept and makes the stones move in a straight line when required.

Curling stones are just one of the pieces of equipment required to play this sport.

Other curling equipment includes:

  • Curling brooms with synthetic bristles
  • Curling shoes with excellent grip
  • Sliders, which are worn on the sliding foot of a player

~ Fun Fact ~
All curling stones ever used in every Winter Olympics have originated from a Scottish Island called Ailsa Craig. They are made from many different types of rare granite. This includes Ailsa Craig Common Green Granite, Ailsa Craig Blue Hone Granite, and Ailsa Craig Red Hone Granite.

One company called Kays Curling has the sole rights to harvest and transform this granite into curling stones!


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