Weight Of Fire Truck

Ladder truck

Weights will depend on how much water a pumper fire truck can carry.

So how much does a fire truck weigh?

The average fire truck weighs 36,000 to 60,000 pounds (16,329 to 27,215 kg).

Interesting facts about fire trucks:

Interestingly, there is a critical distinction between a fire engine or pumper (what most people picture when they think of a fire truck) and the vehicles that are categorized as fire trucks.

A fire engine is the long red vehicle that pumps water. It’s traditionally what we think about when we picture a firefighter driving to an emergency.

Fire truck spraying water

Fire trucks are commonly referred to as the ladder trucks, since they carry all the ladders and many other types of equipment.

The word “engine” originally and exclusively meant “pump”, which is an important tool for taking water to a fire.

That’s why fire engines are the vehicles responsible for pumping water. “Truck” is generally reserved for other vehicles generally having one or more ladders.

At the scene of a fire, fire engines and fire trucks perform vastly-different tasks. The fire engine has hoses and water to aggressively fight the fire.

Romanian fire truck

Fire trucks, on the other hand, are like a toolbox, carrying rescue equipment and ladders to help personnel support the firefighting activities in ways other than pumping water to put out flames directly.

Both fire engines and fire trucks play a crucial part in putting out fires and keeping the community safe.

~ Fun Fact ~
We know the ladders on a fire truck reach up very high, in order to rescue people in tall buildings. But did you know that these ladders are used in winds up to 50 mph? Next time you’re in the car going down the highway, put out your hand at 50 mph and imagine yourself being up on one of these tall ladders!


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