Weight Of Gallon Saltwater


Over 70% of the surface of the earth is covered by water.

Seas, oceans, and even some lakes contain vast amounts of saltwater.

So how much does a gallon of saltwater weigh?

A gallon of saltwater weighs about 8.55 pounds (3.87 kg). The exact weight will depend on its salt and mineral concentration.

Lake with saltwater

How Much Does A Cubic Foot Of Saltwater Weigh?

A cubic foot of saltwater weighs approximately 64 pounds (29 kg) per cubic foot. This figure, once again, depends on the amount of salt and other minerals contained in the water.

In most cases, the salt content in our oceans and seas is around 3.5 percent. But there are other bodies of water that have a much higher concentration of salt.

Saltwater Ocean

This salinity of a sea, ocean, or lake depends on these factors:

  • How much fresh water runs into a sea, ocean, or lake
  • The amount of salt that enters these bodies of water
  • Erosion
  • The type of rock and minerals contained in a sea, ocean, or lake

~ Fun Fact ~
The Dead Sea, also known as the ‘Salt Sea’, borders Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. This hypersaline lake is filled with water that contains huge amounts of salt.

The Dead Sea is estimated to be more than 8.5 times as salty as any of the planet’s oceans!

With such a high concentration of salt in its water, very few animals, fish, or plant life can survive. The exception is for some fungi and bacteria species.

Every year, this unique lake also attracts huge numbers of visitors. Its water is so dense that a human can float on top of the water and not drown!


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