Weight Of Gaur


Gaur are the largest species of wild cattle on the planet. These huge members of the bovidae family live in South East Asia, India, and the Malay Peninsula.

How Much Does a Gaur Weigh?

Gaurs weigh between 1,430 to 2,210 pounds (648 to 1,002 kg).

Malayan Gaur or Seladang are the smallest type of Gaur, and the South East Asian Gaur is the largest sub-species.

How Much Does a Newborn Gaur Weigh?

Female Gaur usually give birth to a single calf. Each of these calves weighs approximately 50 pounds (22 kg) when they are born.

Three Gaur sub-species exist today and include the Indian Bison, the Malayan Gaur (also known as the Seladang), and the South East Asian Gaur.

The Indian Bison is the most common of these animals, while the South East Asian Gaur is an endangered animal.

Males have a red or brown coat, while females have a lighter colored coat.

They have big ears and large, distinctive, yellow colored horns with black tips that curve upwards and grow to as long as 45 inches.

Gaur Herd

Gaur live in small herds and they are naturally diurnal animals, which means they eat and are active during the day time.

However, Gaur that live close to humans have had to change many of their habits and have become nocturnal animals. so that they can avoid interaction with humans as much as possible.

They are herbivores and enjoy eating leaves, grass, fruits, herbs, shrubs, and flowers.

Humans are not the only threat gaur herds face.

Gaur are big animals, so it takes a strong, fierce animal to take them on, and this is why it’s only tigers, wild dogs, and crocodiles that are their main predators.

~ Fun Fact ~
Gaur become very aggressive when they are defending their territory. They move in small herds that are led by females, which is also known as a matriarchate, and their territory can cover as much as 30 square miles!


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