Weight Of Gorilla

Laughing Gorilla

As the world’s largest primates, gorillas are also heavier than you might think.

They are the closest animal to resemble humans, as well.

So how much does a gorilla weigh?

Mountain gorillas are the largest of all subspecies. A full-grown male silverback weighs in at 300-430 pounds (135-195 kg). Females weigh 150-250 pounds (70–115 kg).

There have been a few reports of gorillas reaching a weight of 600 pounds (272 kg), but this is rare.

One of the largest known gorillas is “Phil”, the gorilla in the St. Louis Zoo. He reached a weight of 860 pounds (390 kg).

Weights Of Different Gorillas:

  • Western Lowland Gorilla – 150-500 pounds (68-227 kg)
  • Cross River Gorilla – 220-440 pounds (100-200 kg)
  • Mountain Gorilla – 300-485 pounds (136-220 kg)
  • Eastern Lowland Gorilla – 225-550 pounds (102-249 kg)

Interesting facts about gorillas:

Gorillas are an endangered species, whose population has greatly declined in recent years. Their biggest threat to survival is humans.

They live in the wild in several African countries. Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Nigeria, and Angola have the largest populations.

Eastern gorillas and Western gorillas are the main species in existence today.

There are two distinct subspecies of the Eastern gorilla. One is the Eastern lowland gorilla, while the other is the mountain gorilla.

There are also two subspecies of Western gorilla, which are the Western lowland and cross river gorilla.

How Much Does a Baby Gorilla Weigh?

Female gorillas usually give birth to one baby gorilla that weighs between 3-4 pounds (1.4 to 1.8 kg).

Interestingly, the female gorilla has a pregnancy that lasts 8-9.5 months, which is like that of a human.

Gorilla mom and baby

Once born, gorillas can live upwards of 50 years or more, whether in the wild or in a zoo.

How Strong Is A Silverback Gorilla?

Gorillas are extremely strong and powerful animals.

On average, they are 6-15 times stronger than a human.

In fact, the Silverback gorilla can bench press 4,600 pounds (2,086 kg). That’s not an animal you want to mess with!

Silverback Gorilla

How Much Do Gorillas Eat?

For the most part, Gorillas are herbivores who love to eat fruit, bamboo, shoots, vines, and other plant life.

Some subspecies, such as the Western lowland gorilla, have a more varied diet. They are known to have a taste for insects, as well as eating their greens.

An adult gorilla has a big appetite and can eat as much as 50 pounds of food a day!

~ Fun Fact ~
Gorillas are peaceful animals who like to avoid conflict. However, a fully-grown silverback is up to six times stronger than most adult males. They don’t like people or other animals entering their domain. This means they’re not to be messed with because there will only be one winner if you get into a fight with these primates!


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