How Much Does A Grenade Weigh?

A hand grenade is a highly dangerous explosive device used as a weapon by most armies. It is thrown and detonated by a soldier on the field of battle.

What is the weight of a grenade?

The M67 grenade weighs approximately 14 ounces (400 grams).

There are a number of different types of grenade including the frag and stick grenade. The one most used by armies is the fragmentation grenade.

With a fragmentation grenade, as soon as it is detonated it will deploy lethal fragments.

One of the most popular fragment grenades is the US M67 which was originally designed to replace the M61 that was used during the Vietnam war.

Currently, many countries use the M67 including Canada, Japan, Argentina, Malaysia, Malta, and Turkey.

The lethal damage radius of the M67 is around 16-50 feet with fragments reaching as far as 750 feet.

Some grenades are not thrown by hand but fired from grenade launchers.

Hand grenades can be used for different purposes, some to destroy enemy entrenchments, some to initiate a fire and some to incapacitate the enemy.

A hand grenade is normally shaped like a small ball. It consists of a firing pin and a detonating mechanism. Once the pin is pulled a lever will flip and begin detonation.

~ Fun Fact ~
Pulling the pin of a grenade with your teeth is often seen in Hollywood war movies, but the truth is that if you were to try this yourself you would likely also pull out at least 3 teeth along with the pin.


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