Weight Of Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear

Although they are officially called the North American Brown Bear, most of us know them as Grizzly Bears here in North America.

Grizzly bears are big powerful animals and can easily overpower any other animal or human inside their habitat.

How much does a Grizzly bear weigh?

Male grizzly’s weigh around 395 to 790 pounds (179 to 358 kg).

Females weigh 285 to 395 pounds (130 to 179 kg).

There have been reports of grizzlies reaching weights of up to 1,500 pounds (680 kg) and standing over 9 feet tall.

A newborn grizzly bear cub will weigh around 1.1 pounds (500 grams).

There is also the Mexican Grizzly, Kodiak Bear, Peninsular Grizzly, and the California Grizzly which is now extinct.

You can find brown bears all over the world including Russia, Scandinavia, Asia, and Europe.

Grizzly bears have been known to prey on elk, moose, dear, sheep, and Bison. They will also eat plants and vegetables, which makes them omnivores.

Despite the movies, attacks by grizzly bears on humans is not a common occurrence.

An attack on a human is most likely to occur if a female feels her cubs are under threat, which is the reason for 70% of all attacks on humans.

Although they are omnivores they are also cannibals. Grizzly bears will sometimes eat smaller and less powerful black bears when extremely hungry.

~ Fun Fact ~
In the winter, grizzly bears can go into a deep sleep that can last up to 100 days while not consuming food or water.


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