Weight OF Heart

Heart illustration

Despite how it may seem at times, we all have a heart.

But how much does a heart weigh?

The human heart in a man is larger than a woman’s heart. It will weigh 10 to 11 ounces (283 to 312 grams).

A woman’s heart weighs around 8 to 9 ounces (227 to 255 grams).

A human heart beats 100,000 times a day. It also pumps approximately 2,000 gallons of blood each day into a network of blood vessels. Those vessels are more than 60,000 miles in length.

Think about that for a minute. It’s amazing!

Heart Diagram

However, humans are not the only ones with a heart. You’ll find it in most animal species, as well.

It’s required to pump blood filled with oxygen and nutrients in the body. At the same time, it helps to remove metabolic waste from important parts of the body.

Larger animal species have more blood to pump around their bodies. So their hearts are bigger and more powerful.

How Much Does A Cow Heart Weigh?

Naturally enough, a cow has a larger heart than a human because of its size.

A cow’s heart weighs 5 pounds (2.26 kg) and is about the same size as a human head.

How Much Does The Heart Of A Blue Whale Weigh?

Blue whales are the biggest ocean-dwelling mammals on the Earth. They weigh as much as 200 tons (181,437 kg). That is bigger than any dinosaur that ever walked the planet.

A fully grown blue whale’s heart weighs 400 to 500 pounds (181 to 227 kg), which is the size of a large bear. That’s big!

Weights Of Various Hearts:

  • Spotted Hyenas – 5 pounds (2.26 kg)
  • Cows – 5 pounds (2.26 kg)
  • Horses – 8 pounds (3.62 kg)
  • Camels – 11 pounds (4.98 kg)
  • Giraffes – 26 pounds (11.79 kg)
  • Elephants – 60 pounds (27.21 kg)

~ Fun Fact ~
Insects have the smallest hearts of all. The smallest insect currently known to man is the fairy fly, which is a type of wasp. This tiny bug is only 0.2 millimeters long, which means it takes a microscope to see its heart!


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