Weight Of Horse

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Large or small, horses are among the most beautiful animals on the planet.

They are also one of the more heavier animals, as well.

How much do horses weigh?

Adult horses can weigh anywhere from 900 pounds (408 kg) all the way up to a ground shaking 2,600 pounds (1,179 kg).

Of course, weights vary by the breed of horse. But make no mista, you don’t want to get your feet stepped on by one of these animals!

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Average Weight Of Various Horses:

  • Percheron – 2250 pounds (1,020 kg)
  • Belgian Draft – 2000 pounds (907 kg)
  • Clydesdale – 1,950 pounds (884 kg)
  • Shire – 1800 pounds (816 kg)
  • Tennessee Walking Horse – 1200 pounds (544 kg)
  • American Paint – 1150 pounds (521 kg)
  • Appaloosa – 1100 pounds (498 kg)
  • American Quarter Horse – 1075 pounds (487 kg)
  • Thoroughbred – 1000 pounds (453 kg)
  • Arabian – 950 pounds (430 kg)
  • Mustang – 750 pounds (340 kg)

How Much Do Race Horses Weigh?

Typically, a racing-fit Thoroughbred horse will weigh between 1,000 to 1,200 pounds (453 to 544 kg).

It’s important to note that a Thoroughbred’s weight will depend on things like its size, muscle, and bone structure, among other factors.

How Much Do Horses Eat?

Horses love to eat. In fact, they will eat 1 to 2% of their body weight every day. For a 1,000-pound (453 kg) horse, that comes out to be 10-20 pounds of grass or hay per day.

Don’t forget about their thirst. The average horse will consume 1 to 2% of their weight in drinking water every day.

But the more active your horse is, the more they will need to eat and drink.

Horse grazing

~ Fun Fact ~
The heaviest horse, according to the record book, is a Shire horse named Sampson.
He weighed in at a whopping 3,360 pounds (1,524 kg), which is about the weight of a Chevy Malibu car.

On the flipside is “Thumbelina”, a dwarfed mini mare. She stands 17 inches tall and weighs just 57 pounds (25 kg).


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