Weight Of Human Skeleton

Human Skeleton

The average human skeleton will account for around 14% of total body weight.

Therefore, if the average American male over 20 weighs 200 pounds (90 kg), the skeletal weight will be 27.5 pounds (12.5 kg).

The average female skeleton will weigh 23 pounds (10.6 kg).

When we are born we start out with 300 bones in the human skeleton. By adulthood that decreases to 206 bones.

Where did those missing 94 bones go? Well, as we grow older some bones fuse together from birth.

At around the age of 20, the bones in the average human will stop growing and max bone density will be at the age of 30 years approximately.

When bones break they can often repair and re-grow themselves and a cast will ensure they grow straight.

The longest and toughest bone we have is the femur which is within the upper leg.

Most humans will have 12 pairs of ribs, 24 in total. However, 1 in 500 people will have one more rib which is called the cervical rib which can result in health issues.

The only bone in the human body not connected to another bone is the hyoid. The hyoid is between the chin and the thyroid glands.

~ Fun Fact ~
Egyptians first started using prostheses more than 3,000 years ago with evidence they replaced missing big toes.


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