Weight Of Jet Ski

Jetski sitting in the water

Jet Skis, also known as PWCs (Personal Watercrafts) or water scooters, are fast and fun water vehicles that are designed to be easy to maneuver on the water.

Two types are available, which allow you to sit down or stand up while you are riding them.

How Much Does a Jet Ski Weigh?

Today, there are many different PWCs available, and these models come in different weights and sizes.

The lightest Jet Skis available weigh as little as 400 pounds (181 kg), while the larger models weigh as much as 1,100 pounds (498 kg).

Man standing on jetski

In the 1970s, Kawasaki was the first company to use the term ‘Jet Ski’ to describe their PWCs. They now use this brand name on all of their PWC products.

Since then, other manufacturers, such as Sea Doo and Yamaha, have developed their own PWCs, which have proven to be just as popular.

How Much Does a Jet Ski Trailer Weigh?

In most cases, Jet Ski owners regularly need to tow their watercraft from one location to another. So a trailer is used to transport them back and forth.

Jetski trailer on the beach

Jet Ski trailers are made up of a number of different components that contribute to their weight.

These components include a hitch, winch, receiver lock, ball, and ratchet straps.

Most Jet Ski trailers weigh 200 to 300 pounds (90 to 136 kg), with double Jet Ski trailers weighing as much as 1400 pounds (635 kg).

Fun Fact
When we think of people who ride on Jet Ski’s we normally think of people who travel short distances at high speeds around, beaches, bays, and marinas.

However, in 2006, Adriaan Marais and Marinus du Plessis from South Africa, took Jet Skiing to another level by traveling on a Jet Ski from North America to the Panama Canal.

Their amazing journey lasted 95 days. During this time, they traveled 10,729 miles!


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