Weight Of Lion

Lion on a rock

“The King of Beasts”, also known as the lion, is easily recognizable due in part to its unique mane and loud roar.

That roar is heard up to 5 miles away.

So how much do lions weigh?

Although weights will vary by breed, the average male lion weighs in at 330 to 575 pounds (150 to 260 kg).

Female lions are lighter than their male counterparts. On average, a female lion will weigh between 265 to 375 pounds (120 to 177 kg).

On the top end of the scale, some African lions can weigh as much as 550 to 600 pounds (249 to 272 kg).


We’ve heard the largest recorded weight being over 800 pounds (362 kg).

Weights Of Different Types Of Lions:

  • West African Lion – 350-500 pounds (771-1102 kg)
  • Congo Lion – 400-500 pounds (881-1102 kg)
  • Southwest African Lion – 300-500 pounds (661-1102 kg)
  • East African Lion – 320-450 pounds (705-992 kg)
  • Southeast African Lion – 330-500 pounds (727-1102 kg)
  • Ethiopian Lion – 300-450 pounds (661-992 kg)
  • Asiatic Lion – 350-420 pounds (771-926 kg)

How Much Do Baby Lions Weigh?

It’s amazing really when you think about how big a lion is, yet a baby cub will weigh just 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg), on average, at birth.

They grow quickly, though! By the time they reach their first birthday, a cub will weigh 50 pounds (22 kg).

Baby Lion

Interesting Information About Lions:

On average, lions have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

Not only are lions a heavy cat, they are also extremely fast.

An adult male lion can sprint up to 50 mph (80 km) for a short distance.

They can also leap as far as 36 feet (11 m) to catch their prey.

Where Do Lions Live?

Presently, you’ll find lions living south of the Sahara Desert in Africa, as well as in India’s Gir Forest.

Do Lions Live In The Jungle?

A common misconception is that lions live in the jungle.

Since you hear that these beasts are the ‘king of the jungle’, it’s easy to assume that’s where they live. However, lions do not live in the jungle.

They prefer open areas, like the savanna, where they can hunt easily.

How Fast Can A Lion Run?

Female lions have been known to run as fast as 50 mph (80 km), but only for very short distances while hunting its prey.

That’s still very fast, and you certainly wouldn’t fare well in trying to get away from one.

~ Fun Fact ~
The female lion is the one that does most of the hunting. Males will join the hunt when the animal being hunted is too large for the female to take down. Despite this, male lions will always be first up to eat the freshly-caught meal.


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