Weight Of Mattress

queen size mattress on frame

Made to support our bodies when we rest and sleep, a mattress makes the whole experience a much more comfortable one.

Mattresses have been used for thousands of years. And, as time has passed by, many different types of mattresses emerged.

How Much Does a Mattress Weigh?

A wide range of standard bed sizes are now available. This means there is also various sizes of mattresses available to fit each of these types of beds.

Twin mattresses are the smallest type of mattress and weigh around 45 pounds.

Twin XL mattresses are slightly heavier, weighing about 50 pounds.

different sizes of mattresses

Full-size mattresses weigh around 56 pounds.

Queen mattresses weigh around 70 pounds, on average.

King mattresses and California King mattresses will weigh over 90 pounds.

Early mattresses were stuffed with plants, hay, feathers, and any other soft materials that were readily available. As more people looked for ways to get a more comfortable night’s sleep, many different types of mattresses made from a wide range of materials started to be manufactured.

inside of mattress

The most common mattresses available today include adjustable bases, innerspring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, gel mattresses, pillow tops, water beds, latex mattresses, and air beds.

Despite all the new types of mattresses and mattress-manufacturing technologies, innerspring mattresses, which are one of the oldest and simplest kinds of mattress, are still sold the most. As well as this, customers who own them complain the most about this type of mattress!

Fun Fact
Getting a good night’s sleep has always been important for humans. Even our distant ancestors realized just how important it was to have something comfortable to lie on.

The earliest known mattress is believed to have been used around 77,000 years ago in a cave in South Africa, and it was made from reeds, rushes, grasses, and leaves. Measuring 22 square feet, this early type of mattress was big enough for a whole family to sleep on!


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