Weight Of Microwave


Microwave ovens have become a common feature in homes, offices, and all kinds of food-related organizations.

Convenience, energy efficiency, and ease-of-use are the main reasons why this type of cooking appliance has taken the world by storm over the last 80 years.

How Much Does a Microwave Weigh?

Today’s microwaves are designed to fit easily on countertops and do not take up too much space.

The most common models available weigh between 25 pounds and 55 pounds.

During World War II, many products were invented by accident, and the microwave oven was one of them.

This big breakthrough in the cooking world was made by a Dr. Percy Spencer, who was working on a radar-related project and unintentionally found out that microwaves, produced by magnetrons, were able to cook food effectively.


The initial models were basic, large, and were mainly used by restaurants and food-related organizations.

However, as the microwave increased in popularity, smaller, cheaper models emerged that could be used anywhere there was a power supply.

Despite very few sales when this appliance was first produced, once it became more affordable and smaller, sales exploded.

Within 10 years, more microwaves were being sold than dishwashers and gas ranges. They have become so popular, that it’s now estimated that as many as 90 % of U.S. homes have a microwave!

Microwaves are made up of a number of different components.

These components usually include a stirrer, waveguide, magnetron, door, choke, turntable, cooking cavity, controller, oven casing, and power cable.

~ Fun Fact ~
Like many inventions, the first microwaves were much larger than they are today. The first microwave oven ever made was 6 feet tall and weighed almost 750 pounds!
Manufactured by a company called Raytheon, this early model did not sell well, because it cost $5,000 and was beyond most people’s budgets.


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