Weight Of Moose

Male and Female Moose

As the largest member of the deer family, the moose is a huge herbivore that’s best known for its enormous antlers.

These animals are not only large in size, but they are heavy, as well.

How Much Does A Moose Weigh?

The Alaskan moose is the largest subspecies of all, weighing in at between 660 pounds and 1,500 pounds (299-680 kg).

The largest moose currently on record was a massive 1,808 pounds (820 kg). This bull moose was found in the Yukon River area in 1897.

How Much Does A Baby Moose Weigh?

Female moose, also known as cows, usually give birth to one or two calves. Each calf weighs around 30 pounds (13 kg) when they are born.

Female and baby moose

Weights Of Different Types Of Moose:

  • Ussurian moose – 440-770 pounds (199-349 kg)
  • Chukotka moose – 1,100-1,595 pounds (498-723 kg)
  • Eastern moose – 595-805 pounds (269-365 kg)
  • Western moose – 750-1,100 pounds (340-498 kg)
  • Alaskan moose – 660-1,500 pounds (299-680 kg)
  • Shiras moose – 500-750 pounds (226-340 kg)

Different subspecies of moose can be found in different areas of the Northern Hemisphere, including North America, Asia, and Europe.

Are Moose Dangerous?

Moose are not known to be aggressive against humans, by nature.

Really hey are no more dangerous than a black bear. But, like any wild animal, you don’t want to approach one or do anything that would make it mad.

Female Moose

How Much Does A Moose Eat?

Moose are the ultimate vegetarians and love to eat huge amounts of plants and grass every day.

The amount of food they consume depends on the time of year and how plentiful their favorite meals are.

In the summer, when there is lots of growth in forests and around rivers, moose will eat up to 70 pounds (31 kg) of grass, shrubs, and aquatic plants per day.

However, in winter when there’s less food to go around, moose eat about 30 pounds (13 kg) of grass and plants each day.

~ Fun Fact ~
Moose antlers, also known as ‘paddles’, are enormous. They weigh in at approximately 40 pounds, and they span up to 6 feet in width. Only males have antlers, and they are used for protection and to attract females.

Every male moose sheds their paddles in winter, by shaking them off their heads.
So after a couple of shakes of their head, a moose can lose up to 40 pounds in weight!


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