Weight Of Mouse

Mouse sitting on a wedge of cheese

Instantly recognizable because of their small size, long tails, round ears, and small pointed snouts, mice are one of the most common rodents on the planet.

How much do mice weigh?

The African pygmy mouse is the smallest breed of mouse, weighing just 0.11 to 0.42 ounces and measures 1.2 to 3.1 inches in length.

The average house mouse weighs about 0.68 ounces.

Mouse sitting on soil

However, on Gough Island in the South Atlantic, it’s believed the same breed of mouse has evolved to grow twice this size.

It has become carnivorous and is now the number one threat to birds living on this island.

How Much Does A Baby Mouse Weigh?

Female mice give birth to a large number of babies during their lifetime.

A baby mouse, also known as a pup, pinkie, or kitten, weighs approximately 0.018 to 0.053 ounces.

Newborn mice with their momma

That’s about the weight of a half slice of bread!

Despite their small size, mice strike fear into the hearts of many people. They can also destroy crops, and they look for every opportunity to invade all types of buildings.

However, mice are not always seen as unwelcome guests.

Many are kept as pets, while others are used in different areas of science and medicine.

Thousands of mice species are found throughout the world and are all members of the Muroidea superfamily of mice.

The house mouse, field mouse, deer mouse, and white-footed mouse are just some of these rodents that are familiar to most people.

Mice are extremely agile and skillful climbers. They can jump as high as one foot in the air.

Getting into a home or other building is not a problem for them either.

Most types of mice are able to move easily through cracks in walls or other small holes, which is why so many homes get infested with these little guys.

~ Fun Fact ~
Mice are baby-making machines. They can start to reproduce when they are as young as 2 months old. They reproduce so quickly and so often, that the same female mouse has the potential to give birth to as many as 150 babies in a year!


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