Weight Of Panther

Panther laying in the grass

Panther is the word often used to describe jaguars, leopards, and a specific member of the cougar family.

Usually found in grasslands, swamps, and forests, panthers are often solitary animals.

So how much does a panther weigh?

Panthers weigh between 60 to 250 pounds (27 to 113 kg).Panthers weigh between 60 to 250 pounds (27 to 113 kg).

In rare cases, a panther can weigh more than 300 pounds (136 kg).

How Much Does A Black Panther Weigh?

Black panthers have a huge advantage over many similar predators. This is because of their dark coloring, which makes it very difficult for their prey to see them.

Black Panther

Black panthers weigh between 60 to 250 pounds (27 to 113 kg).

How Much Does A Florida Panther Weigh?

The Florida panther is a tanned colored big cat that is believed to be a type of cougar, rather than a panther, but it has been called a panther for many years. It is an endangered animal and is the state animal of Florida.

Florida panthers can reach a length of up to 7 to 8 feet and weigh 60 to 160 pounds (27 to 72 kg).

Florida Panther

Males are larger than females, weighing between 100 to 160 pounds (45 to 72 kg), while females usually weigh between 60 and 100 pounds (27 to 45 kg).

How Much Does A Newborn Panther Weigh?

Female panthers give birth to two to four kittens. Each of these kittens, or cubs, weigh 16 to 35 ounces (453 to 992 grams).

Panthers live on a number of different continents, including Asia, North America, South America, and Africa.

Each big cat that is referred to as a panther is a skilled and ferocious predator. They are strong, fast, well-camouflaged, agile, and they are excellent climbers.

Deer, wild boar, birds, antelope, and small mammals are the main animals on the menu when a panther goes hunting for food.

~ Fun Fact ~
Most of these large felines have a tan or brown coloring, have spots, or in the case of the jaguar, have eye-catching designs on their bodies. In some cases, however, panthers are white or black in color. This is caused by dark or light-colored pigments in their skin, also known as melanism or albinism.
Black panthers benefit from this unusual characteristic. They have the perfect camouflage at night or in dark locations, which is why they are often known as the “ghost of the forest”!


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