How Much Does A Paperclip Weigh?

The paper clip is one of the most widely used and common pieces of office equipment in the world today, but do you know what they weigh?

These simple looking small pieces of metal, or plastic, feature two almost identical loops on each end and keep papers and other material in order.


So what is the weight of a paperclip?

A single paper clip will weigh around 0.035274 ounces (1 gram), while a jumbo paper clip weighs in at a hefty 0.0529109 ounces (1.5 grams).

The Gem Manufacturing Company based in the UK in 1870 produced the first Gem Paper Clip which we use today. Originally known as Gem Paper Fasteners they were never patented.

Although not like the Gem paper clip, a Norwegian inventor Johan Valeer claims to have invented the paper clip.

~ Fun Fact ~
During World War 2, paper clips were banned by the Nazis as they became a symbol of unity.


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