How Much Does A Passport Weigh?

A passport is a travel document issued by a government to its citizens as proof of identity for the purpose of international travel.


So how much does a passport weigh?

The weight of a passport will depend on the number of pages and the country of issue, however, a standard passport will weigh around 0.88 to 1.23 ounces (25 to 35 grams).

One of the earliest references to a travel document was in the Bible when King Artaxerxes issued a letter to a Persian official requesting that he be granted safe passage through Judea which was around 450BC.

A passports value can be measured using a visa free-scoring system. This works by allotting points to a passport based on how many countries a holder can enter without requiring a visa.

The most valuable passports are Singapore and South Korea with 163 points, Germany and Japan with 162 points and Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, and Spain with 161 points.

The least most valuable is an Afghanistan passport in 97th place with 25 points.

Many countries issue passports to nationals which does not automatically grant them citizenship, for example, citizens of US and British Overseas Territories.

~ Fun Fact ~
Since 2002 more than 40 million passports or travel documents have been reported lost or stolen.


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