Weight Of Pig

Pig sitting in the straw

One of the favorite farm animals everyone knows quite well is the pig.

Despite being smaller in size than most farm animals, pigs can be quite heavy.

So how much does a pig weigh?

Pigs will generally weigh anywhere from 300-700 pounds (136-317 kg). Some less and some heavier.

Weights can widely vary depending on the type of pig, as well as whether it is raised as a domestic pig or commercial pig.

The largest pig we know of currently is a hog named Reggie.

He tips the scales at a world record 1,335 pounds (605.5 kg). That’s massive for a pig.

How Much Do Baby Pigs Weigh?

Baby pigs, or piglets, as they are known, weigh around 2.5 pounds (1.1 kg) when they are born.


These cute little pigs grow quickly though. They will double their birth weight within a week.

Weights For Various Types Of Pigs:

  • Yorkshire Pig – 449-650 pounds (204-295 kg)
  • Hampshire Pig – 550-660 pounds (250-300 kg)
  • Landrace Pig – 550-880 pounds (250-400 kg)
  • Duroc Pig – 450-750 pounds (204-340 kg)
  • Berkshire Pig – 595 pounds (270 kg)
  • Chester White Pig – 500-800 pounds (227-363 kg)
  • Vietnamese Potbelly Pig – 70-150 pounds (31-68 kg)

What Is A Group Of Pigs Called?

There are several different names used in describing a group of pigs. Many depend on the pig’s age. For example, a group of younger pigs are called a drove, drift, or litter.

Older groups of pigs are known as a sounder of swine, a sounder of pigs, a passel of hogs, or a herd of pigs, among others.

Do Pigs Have Teeth?

Yes, pigs have teeth, and they need them to help meet their constant eating habits.

Pig on a farm

Piglets are born with what they call “needle teeth”. They are smaller in size and located toward the front of the jaw.

As the pig gets older, they develop canine, incisors, and molars, which help them crush food.

They are powerful when used. So you don’t want to get your hand caught in their mouth.

What Do Pigs Eat?

One thing’s for sure, when you describe the eating habits of a pig, they will eat about anything.

Their diet may include roots, fruits, vegetable peels, corn, wheat, soy, and barley. They will also eat other rodents and small reptiles, at times.

Most people think a pig is just a dirty animal, but they are actually very clean. They get this reputation from their need to stay cool by rolling around in the mud.

~ Fun Fact ~
Pigs are much smarter than they are given credit for.
According to the Humane Society, a pig is as intelligent as the average 3-year old!
Pigs that are family pets can also be trained to do things such as use a litter box like a cat and can even do tricks.


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