Weight Of Pint Of Blood

Pint Of Blood

The average adult body contains 9-12 pints of blood. Females have approximately 9 pints, while males have 12 pints.

How much does a pint of blood weigh?

To find out how much a pint of blood weighs we first must understand the density of blood. In simple terms, density is a measurement which compares the amount of matter in an object to its volume.

The density of human blood is around 1.05 times that of water.

Since we know a US pint contains 473 milliliters, we can convert the volume into weight by taking 1.05 x 473 = 496 grams. 496 grams is equal to 1.09 pounds.

Not everybody will have the same amount of blood in their body as there are many factors which determine how much blood your body contains, such as body size and weight.

If you wish to donate blood the normal amount taken will be around a pint and you would typically lose around 600 calories in the process.

This is equal to you losing around eight to ten percent of the total amount of blood in your body. That may sound like a lot, but it will not cause any medical issues.

But, if you lose 30-40 percent of the total blood volume in your body (3-4 pints), it would require a blood transfusion.

~ Fun Fact ~
The blood in our body contains several types of metals. These include iron and zinc as well as about 0.2 milligrams of gold!


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